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Natural selection for your copy.
Cilio intelligently optimizes your writing for traction.
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Identify Essentials
Cilio first identifies the essential bits of information in your text, such as names, dates, organizations etc. using IBM Watson’s Relationship Extraction service, and makes sure to keep them unaltered.
Mutable Objects
Later, using the Tone Analyzer service Cilio identifies the parts of the text that could be mutated in order to change the audiences reaction on the text.
Again, utilizing the Tone Analyzer Cilio, replaces the previously identified mutable parts of the text with their synonyms.
Through this technique it creates a multitude of permutations of the text and deploys these mutated versions to different users.
Cilio then tracks the conversion rates of users with regards to the deployment of each mutated text. It then selects the most successful versions of the text and repeats this process until it cannot get any higher returns.
Optimize Your Writing
"Arcades are a lost paradise. Several decades ago, video game booths used to fill shopping malls, movie theater lobbies – nowadays, it’s rare to find a place where you can publicly hang with friends, drop some quarters, virtually battle some friends and get lost in the 8-bit digital fantasy."
Natt Garun*, The Next Web
*sort of
Relationship Extraction
Tone Analyzer